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Dear Patients, dear Families:

On this website you will find general information about colorectal cancer, describing risk factors, causes of colorectal cancer, early detection as well as treatment options and follow-up care.

Colorectal cancer is the most common type of cancer in Germany – this shows quite plainly the importance of being informed, especially since, in most cases, colorectal cancer can be prevented or cured if detected at an early stage. Every year more than 70,000 people in Germany develop colorectal cancer, slightly more males than females being affected. The death rate in Germany is about 27,000 every year. This high number of new colorectal cancer cases in Western nations is presumed to originate from genetic factors (mutations) as well as life style and eating habits. While the incidence rate has remained constant during the past years, the death rate has been going down slightly due to progress in clinical medicine and research. The primary goal is to avoid the development of colorectal cancer, if possible, or to detect it as early as possible.

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