Educational program for PhD and MD students

To provide a long-term success of the Clinical Research Unit, special educational and scientific arrangements were implemented. All young researchers and MD students have the chance to participate at a structured scientific educational program including the following three main aspects:

» Scientific training in Molecular Oncology

Participation in scientific seminars and lectures of the PhD program in Molecular Oncology at the DKFZ (Helmholtz International Graduate School).

» Clinical Oncology training

Young researchers and MD students receive a profound training in Clinical and Surgical Oncology, with mandatory weekly participation of Tumor Boards in the Department of Surgery and the NCT, Grand rounds in the DKFZ and further activities of the Czerny-Sozietät. Furthermore, there are special seminars for the planning and conduction of clinical trials (“Prüfarztkurse”) that are offered by the Study Center of the German Surgical Society (SDGC) in Heidelberg.

» Personality training

Professional seminars for improving soft skills (e. g. professional data presentation, scientific talks, etc.) and personality (social interaction, solution of problems, etc.) are offered in collaboration with the Graduiertenkolleg 1126 which is established in the Department of Surgery.

Further educational opportunities

Additionally, MD thesis grants are provided by the C-Project in order to support selected medical students who will discontinue their course of studies in order to perform a longer period of research in the lab (1-2 years).

As it is almost impossible for a surgeon to perform adequate research besides clinical routine and operations, two GEROK positions will enable young clinicians of our institution to do adequate research for a certain time period (12 months) in the lab.

Furthermore, graduation possibilities for advanced scientists (e. g. PhD thesis) are provided within several subprojects. A meeting every two weeks with alternating presentation of either research progress or interesting papers is also organized (Journal Club). These meetings are open for all researchers, clinicians and medical students.

A yearly workshop and an international conference on CRC complete the educational program of the Clinical Research Unit.

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