Central organization of the Clinical Research Unit

The C-Project is located in the Department of Surgery and serves as the central coordinating structure of this Clinical Research Unit regarding financial issues, research, tissue banking, gathering of clinical data, maintenance of the central database, biometric support, scientific education, and organization of meetings. The C-Project presents the Clinical Research Unit to the public and will report to the DFG.

Central part and a major focus of the C-Project is the integrative data management and central biostatistical support and analysis. Furthermore, a special outpatient clinic (KFO-Spezialsprechstunde) is established for all colorectal cancer patients from whom the Clinical Research Unit has obtained tissue samples.

The C-Project is also responsible for the maintenance of the tissue bank and sampling in the Department of Surgery. It organizes and ensures access to all commonly used laboratory techniques.

To provide a long-term success of this Clinical Research Unit, the C-Project coordinates the structured scientific education of all young researchers in the different subprojects, including scientific training in Molecular Oncology, Clinical Oncology and personality training. Additionally, up to four MD thesis grants are provided by the C-Project as well as two GEROK positions, to enable young clinicians to do adequate research for a certain time period in the lab. Furthermore, graduation possibilities for advanced scientists are also provided within several subprojects.