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Clinical significance of the local and systemic immunologic microenvironment in patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases

The detailed analysis of the immunological microenvironment and the involved immune cells in liver metastases of colorectal cancer has already yielded immunologically and clinically relevant insights (Halama et al. Cancer Res 2011 and Halama et al. Clin Cancer Res 2011). Especially for the prognostic evaluation and for treatment decisions, further analyses of the immunological microenvironment are promising. In this project, the developed technologies will be used to generate a comprehensive view on the local tissue immune parameters (i.e. immune cells, cytokines & chemokines in the tumor and in the adjacent liver) in combination with the systemic immune status, i.e. specific antibody responses and cytokines in the corresponding patient’s serum. Bringing together these compartments will show their associations, subsequently leading toward the identification of clinically relevant markers. This project clearly focuses on the detailed and integrative analysis of the immunological parameters in metastasized colorectal cancer patients.

Team SP 7
Dr. phil. nat. I. Zoernig, Dr. med. N. Halama, Prof. Dr. med. D. Jäger, J. Funk, A. Spille, T. Lerchl

Dr. phil. nat. I. Zoernig, Dr. med. N. Halama

Project-related key publications:

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