There are various options available to recover from the disease and the strains of its treatment. A follow-up rehabilitation in a clinic specialized in follow-up care of cancer includes different offers, such as physiotherapy, sports, nutrition counseling, health counseling, relaxation techniques and psychological support. If at all possible, going to such a specialized clinic should be part of the follow-up.

You will find more information on rehabilitation options on Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Bundesministerium für Gesundheit and zentrale REHA-Servicestellen.

The return to everyday life always includes the chance to look at life from a new angle, to reflect on relationships, to find new definitions and to potentially change your lifestyle. Find out what makes you feel good and devote yourself to your well-being. You may find a new life rhythm, the wish to be with certain people or animals, the development of your creativity, meditation, prayer, relaxation techniques, Qi Gong, sports and many more things.

Every disease also includes the chance to reflect on your life, to set new priorities and to strike a new path.

You will find contact persons at psychosocial counseling centers, at self-help groups, at the Krebsinformationsdienst (Cancer Information Center of the German Cancer Research Center) or other counseling centers for patients (see also related web links).