Molecular Oncology

DKFZ - German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
Helmholtz International Graduate School

Progress in Cancer Research Lecture Series: Summer Semester 2016

Location: Lecture Theater of the DKFZ
Time: Thursdays, 09.00 - 10.00 a.m.

Cell Biology and Tumor Biology




April 14, 2016

DKTK: A new approach towards translational oncologyProf. Dr. Stefan Joos
April 21, 2016Notch signaling in cancer biologyPD Dr. Andreas Fischer
April 28, 2016EpigeneticsProf. Dr. Frank Lyko
May 12, 2016Tumors - microenvironment crosstalkProf. Dr. Hellmut Augustin
May 19, 2016Wnt signaling in cancer biologyProf. Dr. Christof Niehrs
June 02, 2016Stem cells in normal physiology, cancer and metastasisProf. Dr. Andreas Trumpp
June 09, 2016Hematopoietic stem cells under stressDr. Marieke Essers
June 16, 2016Visualization and manipulation of tumor heterogeneityDr. Hai-Kun Liu
June 23, 2016Protein quality control in health and diseaseProf. Dr. Bernd Bukau
June 30, 2016Organismal metabolism, stem cell function and cancerDr. Alexandros Vegiopoulos
July 07, 2016Tumor microenvironment in metastasisDr. Thordur Oskarsson
July 14, 2016Redox biology of cancerPD Dr. Tobias P. Dick
July 21, 2016Studies on DNA mismatch repair in S. cerevisiaeDr. Hans Hombauer
July 28, 2016Noncoding RNA meets chromatinProf. Dr. Ingrid Grummt

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