KFO Meetings

Every month a KFO meeting takes place. Each meeting a member of one subproject presents their research progress, with following discussion.

Time:      one Tuesday in the month, 6 p.m.

Location: kleiner Hörsaal (Department of Surgery)


17.01.2017SP2 (AG Ball)
14.02.2017SP4 (AG Kloor)
14.03.2017SP8 (AG Köhler) (⇒ swap SP6 / AG Schneider)
09.05.2017SP7 (AG Halama)
20.06.2017SP6 (AG Schneider) (⇒ swap SP8 / AG Köhler)
11.07.2017SP4 (AG Kloor)
10.10.2017SP2 (AG Ball)
14.11.2017SP6 (AG Schneider)
12.12.2017SP8 (AG Köhler)